Child Nutrition Programs in New York

New York Child Nutrition Programs

New York Child Nutrition Programs, through the cooperation of the U.S. federal and state governments, provide access to child nutrition information and they provide free and low-cost food to New York children and families who qualify. The link and contact information below will help you learn about the child nutrition programs in New York.

Child Nutrition Programs in New York

In New York the overall contact for the child nutrition program is:

New York CACFP
Child & Adult Food Program
New York Department of Health
Division of Nutrition
150 Broadway, 6th Floor West
Albany, New York 12204-2719
Phone: 518-402-7400 or 800-942-3858 (NY only)

Child Nutrition Assistance Programs typically include Child and Adult Care Food and Emergency Food Assistance Programs as well as the School Lunch, and School Breakfast and Summer Food Service Programs.

To find out more about these programs in New York call the contact phone number above or contact the New York Department of Education, the New York Department of Health or the New York child welfare agency, all listed in the "Additional Areas of Interest" section below.

Child Nutrition Programs in Other States

Click here to find child nutrition programs in other states

Additional Areas of Interest

New York Child Health Insurance Program can provide free health insurance to families and children who qualify.

New York State Child Welfare Department can provide you with information about foster care, adoption and parenting.

New York State Department of Education in each state can give you information about special early intervention programs and about school nutrition programs.

New York Department of Health can provide more than "just" health information. They can also be a good source of information about nutrition programs and about programs that can help with parenting concerns.

New York State Adoption Contacts can put you in touch with the child adoption specialists and child adoption program in each state.

Government Assistance Programs

We are committed to helping you, other adopting families, mothers to be, birth mothers and children. As part of this commitment we have built two databases of information. One for adopting families and a second for pregnant women and birthmothers. Each is suited to the unique needs of the individual needing help. Click this link for government assistance programs for adopting families. Or click the following link for government assistance programs for birthmothers and pregnant women.

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