Adoption Agencies in California

Adoption Agencies in California

If you are a pregnant woman or birth mother in California, please note that this page is designed to help adopting families. Therefore, please click here to see information that is intended to help you and other pregnant women and birth mothers.  We can make sure your child is placed with the perfect family, your rights are protected, and that you receive all the legal and financial assistance and medical help as well as other types of help that the law allows. Feel free to contact us or call (toll-free 1(800)943-0400) if you have any questions or if you want our guidance and/or help. All calls are confidential, there is never any obligation, and there is never any fee to you as a birth parent whether you work with our agency or decide to look elsewhere. Please visit the link "Ways we can help you".

If you are an adopting family in California, you will find the information below helpful. We begin by giving you information regarding child adoption laws in California (what you can and can't do) and we provide a list of other adoption agencies available in California.

Please note that our fully licensed non-profit adoption agency, Adoption Services, Inc., is licensed in many states and can help you in Arkansas or any other state in the U.S. and we can also help U.S. citizens living in any foreign country. Since our founding in 1985, we have worked with thousands of birth parents and adopting families from all over the world and our overall satisfaction rating is excellent. We are committed to putting your needs first and to helping you in every way possible. Feel free to contact us or call (toll-free 1(800)943-0400) if you have any questions or if you want our guidance and/or help. All calls are confidential and there is never any obligation when you give us a call.

California Child Adoption Laws

Before starting to search for a child to adopt or an agency to assist you, it is a good idea for you understand how the adoption laws in California may affect your decisions. Making informed decisions is the best way of increasing your chances of adopting a child. Please visit adoption law in California for more details and/or contact an adoption attorney in California.

Are Children Available for Adoption in California?

Yes, through both public and private adoption agencies. In California, and every other state, there are many children in foster care available for adoption and for these children you should contact the California foster care system (On your search engine, type in the words “foster care to adopt in California.).   However, remember that the actual number of children adopted through the California public child welfare agency is only a small portion of the total number of all California adoptions (exact numbers are not available at this time).

Remember that while you may be a resident of California, you are not limited to adopting a child from California. You can adopt a child born in California or a child born in any other U.S. state (contact us).  What is important for you to understand is that infants and children are available for adoption in California and in each of the other the 49 states.

Can We Assist You with a Child Adoption in California?

Yes, we can help you and so can the child adoption agencies we have listed several below. We are a fully licensed non-profit adoption agency that helps birth parents and families living in any state in the U.S. Since our founding in 1985, we have successfully completed over 900 adoptions and would be happy help you adopt a child.  Feel free to contact us or call (toll-free 1(800)943-0400).

Adoption Agencies

Adopt International
8 Keller Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone: (707) 570-2940
Fax: (707) 570-2943
Toll-Free: (800) 969-6665 birth parent hotline

Adoption Connection
1710 Scott Street
San Francisco, CA 94115-3004
Phone: (415) 359-2494
Fax: (415) 359-2490
Toll-Free: (800) 972-9225

Adoption Network of Catholic Charities
98 Bosworth Street
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone: (415) 406-2387
Fax: (415) 406-2386

Adoptions Unlimited, Inc.
4091 Riverside Drive
Suite 115 and 116
Chino, CA 91710
Phone: (909) 902-1412
Fax: (909) 902-1414

Alternative Family Services Adoption Agency (AFS)
250 Executive Park Boulevard
Suite 4900
San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone: (415) 626-2700
Fax: (415) 626-2760
Toll-Free: (800) 300-1022

Aspira Foster & Family Services
333 Gellert Boulevard
Suite 203
Daly City, CA 94015-2614
Phone: (805) 654-6800
Fax: (805) 654-6803

Bethany Christian Services - North Region
3048 Hahn Drive
Modesto, CA 95350-6503
Phone: (209) 522-5121
Fax: (209) 522-1499
Toll-Free: (800) 454-0454

Bethany Christian Services - South Region
16700 Valley View Avenue
Suite 210
La Mirada, CA 90638
Phone: (714) 994-0500
Fax: (714) 994-0515

Bethany Christian Services, Inc.
14125 Telephone Avenue
Suite 12
Chino, CA 91710-5771
Phone: (909) 465-0057
Fax: (909) 628-8294

Black Adoption Placement and Research Center
7801 Edgewater Drive
Suite 2000
Oakland, CA 94621-2002
Phone: (510) 430-3600
Fax: (510) 430-3615
Toll-Free: (800) 299-3678

Catholic Charities Adoption Agency
349 Cedar Street
San Diego, CA 92101-3197
Phone: (619) 231-2828
Fax: (619) 232-3807
Toll-Free: (800) CARE002

Children's Bureau
3910 Oakwood Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004-3487
Phone: (323) 953-7356
Fax: (323) 661-7306

Children's Bureau of Southern California (CBSC)
11815 Riverside Drive
North Hollywood, CA 91607
Phone: (818) 985-8154
Fax: (818) 985-7045
Toll-Free: (800) 730-3933

Children's Home Society of California
1300 West Fourth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Toll-Free: (800) 564-9095

Chrysalis House, Inc. (CHI)
4035 North Fresno Street
Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93726
Phone: (559) 229-9862
Fax: (559) 229-9863
Toll-Free: (866) 272-3678

Families First
6507 4th Avenue
Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95817
Phone: (916) 641-9595
Fax: (916) 641-9599

Families First
2291 West March Lane
Suite C-101
Stockton, CA 95207
Phone: (209) 954-3000
Toll-Free: (800) 310-7799

Families First
7801 Edgewater Drive
Suite 1000
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone: (510) 636-2000
Fax: (510) 639-4136

Families First
7080 North Marks Avenue
Suite 104
Fresno, CA 93711
Phone: (559) 248-8550
Fax: (559) 248-8555

Families First
1620 North Carpenter Road
Suite C-23
Modesto, CA 95351
Phone: (209) 523-3710
Fax: (877) 799-1699

Families First
1475 South Bascorn Avenue
Suite 112
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (408) 369-2220
Toll-Free: (800) 400-4732

Families for Children
2201 Broadway
Suite 508
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 663-5250
Fax: (510) 663-5255
Toll-Free: (800) 955-2455

Families for Children
2990 Lava Ridge Court
Suite 170
Roseville, CA 95661-3077
Phone: (916) 789-8688
Fax: (916) 789-7008
Toll-Free: (800) 955-2455

2100 Fifth Street
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 753-0220
Fax: (530) 785-3390
Toll-Free: (800) 698-4968

Family Builders By Adoption
528 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
Phone: (510) 272-0204
Fax: (510) 272-0277

Family Connections Adoptions
1401 El Camino Avenue
Suite 102
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 568-5966
Fax: (916) 568-6005

Family Connections Adoptions (FCA)
7257 N. Maple
Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93720
Phone: (559) 325-9388
Fax: (559) 325-9373

Family Connections Adoptions (FCA)
2421 Portola Road
Suite A
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (805) 477-7400
Fax: (805) 477-7404

Family Connections Christian Adoptions
1120 Tully Road
Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 524-8844
Fax: (209) 578-9823

Family Linkage Adoption
290 I.O.O.F. Avenue
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: (408) 846-2130
Fax: (408) 846-2419

Five Acres
760 West Mountain View Street
Altadena, CA 91101
Phone: (626) 798-6793
Fax: (626) 585-1664
Toll-Free: (800) 696-6793

Future Families Adoption and Foster Care and Family Services
Future Families Office
1671 The Alameda, Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408) 298-8789
Fax: (408) 298-8870
Toll-Free: (800) 922-5437

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Domestic Child Adoption Agencies in Other States

If you are looking for a child adoption agency simply click the link below for the state to see a list of the adoption agencies in that state

Adoption Consultant Resource

Why You Need an Adoption Consultant

There are many risks when you go to adopt a child including losing a child after you have already taken them home (referred to as a disruption), losing all of the money you have invested in the adoption if the birth mother changes her mind, or finding that there are previously unknown or undisclosed fees that may appear. Dr Berger has helped thousands of adopting families with domestic adoptions and international adoptions and he is available to assist you no matter what type of adoption you chose to pursue and regardless of whether you work with an adoption agency, facilitator or adoption attorney. He can help you save your time, effort and money in helping you to decide what routes to take and the best way to achieve your goal of adopting a child. He can help reduce your risks and potential pain and can help you avoid many of the problems and pitfalls found in the adoption process. You can read and download his free adoption manual or, for more information on how he can help you, please visit his Adoption Consultant link.

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