Adoption Requirements

Adoption Requirements    Adoption Requirements

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Adoption Requirements

Every adoption agency is different and each has its own requirements for accepting or rejecting an adopting family. You need to know and understand these requirements and how they effect you and your ability to adopt a child.

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Adoption RequirementsBe aware that typically there are several entities that have a say in the requirements that must be met in the matching and placement of a child. The first several entities you have no control over. First is the birth parents, both the birth mother and the birth father. The birth parents may decide to place their child only with a couple or single person, with persons of a specific religion, age, race, sexual orientation and even a specific state, etc. The next entity is the government, state and federal, both of which have restrictions mandated by law; for example, restrictions on placements that may involve a Native American Indian child or placement with a gay or lesbian..

The next entity is you (the adopting family) since you may only want to adopt a child from a specific state, a child of a specific race, religion, or cultural heritage, a "drug free" child, or place some other restrictions on the child you hope to adopt.

The last entity is the adoption agency since many adoption agencies will not place children of a different race than the adoption persons, with a single person, with persons of certain faiths, with a person with a divorce history, with a gay or lesbian, etc.

Your goal is to find a potential placement where your restrictions and the restrictions of the birth parents, the state and federal governments, and the child adoption agency are all consistent with each other.

This matching process is one of the responsibilities of a licensed child adoption agency such as Adoption Services.  At Adoption Services we match your requirements, the requirements of the birth mother and birth father, the requirements of the state and federal government, and our restriction that you are be able provide a warm, loving, safe and supportive environment for a child and successfully complete the Home Study process.

Our Agency, Adoption Services, has worked with adopting families and birth parents from all over the world.  We have helped children find loving parents from many different religions and racial and ethnic backgrounds. We have helped people of all ages, whether in their twenties or fifties become adoptive parents. Our adopting families have included divorced persons as well as singles and newlyweds, families where both parents work full-time, families living in mobile homes and apartments, and families who already have children.

Our (Adoption Services) Approval Requirements

The following outlines the approval/disapproval criteria that Adoption Services uses in working with adopting persons.

1. We have no preset agency restrictions except your ability to be a good parent, compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and successful completion of our Registration, Application, and Home Study processes. We will work with an adult of any age, sex, race, or ethnic background, marital status, length of marriage, family composition, religion, etc.

2. Each adopting person must complete required state criminal history, child abuse, and FBI clearances. Additionally, each adopting person is required to submit a sworn statement indicating whether he/she has ever been charged with or convicted of a crime in any state and/or other jurisdiction. If there is evidence of any criminal or child abuse history, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances. If the investigation suggests that an adopting person could be unfit, and/or there is a founded child abuse record or a conviction of a barrier crime (i.e. crime that the state has determined automatically prohibits a person from adopting), Adoption Services will not place a child with the family.

3. Multiple personal and work references for each applicant must be provided. Recent physical examinations (within the past six months) and medical references must also be provided. These medical references must indicate a “normal” life expectancy and lack of any communicable diseases.

4. You may be required to obtain written clearances from the provider of any specialized health care you have received.

5. We ask you to describe the discipline techniques you plan to use with the adopted child. These techniques must be consistent with current psychological practices regarding the use of discipline, and they must comply with the laws in your state of residence.

6. Married adopting persons who are not able to demonstrate that they have a stable marriage and/or if they have undergone a marital separation within the past year, ASI may request an independent evaluation of their marriage.

7. Your home must be a safe environment for a child, must be inspected by a licensed adoption agency, and must meet all the requirements of an approved home according to your state’s laws and regulations.

8. Adoption Services must receive copies of your Tax Returns for the past three years showing financial stability.

9. You must be truthful and forthcoming in the information you provide. You will be disapproved and lose all fees paid if you provide information that is false and/or misleading.

10. You must complete all Adoption Services documents and comply with federal, state, and local adoption laws and regulations.

11. In our Domestic Programs, you should be willing to accept a child of either gender, although you can specify the health, racial mix that you will accept, and other criteria.

12. In International adoptions, each country has its own set of requirements such as age, marital status, sexual orientation, health history, and/or criminal history that you must meet.

Additional Resources

We at Adoption Services have extensive experience with both intrastate and interstate adoption. We are here to help you determine the best choice for you and then to help implement your choices in a way that will eliminate problems and concerns.  We are able to help you with an adoption regardless of the state in which you reside but we are able to complete a Home Study only for residents of PA, NJ, NY, VA, WV, and FL.

For additional help with an adoption agency adoption visit the link Selecting an adoption Agency.  You can also find a list of adoption agencies in your state and neighboring states at the link Domestic Adoption Agencies.

If you need or want some specific personal advice contact your state child welfare agency or state adoption contact.  You can also call Dr. Vince Berger, a psychologist and adoption professional.

Please visit our home page to read about our commitment to assist adoptive parents like you as well as pregnant women and birth parents.

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Adoption Consultant Resource

Why You Need an Adoption Consultant

There are many risks when you go to adopt a child including losing a child after you have already taken them home (referred to as a disruption), loosing all of the money you have invested in the adoption if the birth mother changes her mind, or finding that there are previously unknown or undisclosed fees that may appear. Dr Berger has helped thousands of  adopting families with domestic adoptions and international adoptions and he is available to assist you no matter what type of adoption you chose to pursue and regardless of whether you work with an adoption agency, facilitator or adoption attorney.  He can help you save your  time, effort and money in helping you to decide what routes to take and the best way to achieve your goal of adopting a child. He can help reduce your risks and potential pain and can help you avoid many of the problems and pitfalls found in the adoption process. You can read and download his free adoption manual or, for more information on how he can help you, please visit his Adoption Consultant link.

We Help Adopting Persons Living in Any State

We are licensed in multiple states and are able to help a birth mother, birth father, and adopting family living in any of the 50 U.S. states.

Adoption Requirements    Adoption Requirements







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