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Financial Assistance Programs for Adopting Families Please feel free to contact me, Dr Vince Berger, at Adoption Services if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way Financial Assistance Programs for Adopting Families
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Financial Assistance for Adopting Families

If you have adopted a child with special needs or adopted from a state foster care system, there are several sources of financial help that are available. Financial help for a healthy child adopted privately or through a private agency is very limited. Read all of the sections below to see if you can find the financial resources that will be helpful in your situation.

State by State List Of Government Assistance Programs

Government Assistance Programs is a link to help you find programs that my be able to help you and/or your adopted child.

Financial Assistance Programs in Your State

Financial assistance programs that can help you and/or your child are available in every state.  Please click the state link to view programs and other helpful information for adopting persons in your state.

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Adoption Tax Credit

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit explains the federal tax program where you may be able to get back over $12,000 of the money you spent on the child adoption process.

Adoption Taxpayer ID Number

Adoption Taxpayer ID Numbers substitutes for a Social Security Number needed in filing a federal tax return.  This is needed if there is a delay in obtaining a birth certificate and social security number for your adopted child.

Child Nutrition Programs

Child Nutrition Programs and Child Nutrition Assistance Programs are available in every state. These programs will give you access to nutrition information and to free and low-cost food.

Employer Help

Financial help is now being offered by many employers to assist with adopting a child.

Medical Assistance Programs

Medical Assistance Programs are available to help you and your child both during and after the adoption process.

Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act mandates that an employer must grant an eligible employee up to a total of 12 work-weeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period in regard to a child that is adopted or born to a person or couple.

Special Needs Children

Financial Help with the adoption of Special Needs Children is available from the federal government and from state authorities.  Children with special needs may qualify for child adoption assistance to help cover the expenses related to their need for ongoing therapy or treatment.  It is critical to know that for both federally funded and state-funded subsidies you must apply and receive approval before the adoption is finalized, so research this option early in the adoption process.

Other Financial Resources

A Child Waits Foundation helps families seeking loans for an international adoption.

Costs of Adopting: A Factsheet for Families gives a general overview of child adoption costs and several resources to help defray child adoption costs for all types of child adoption.

Gift of Adoption Fund provides financial assistance in the form of grants to adoptive parents.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry helps place orphaned children with families and helps families overcome the financial burden of adopting.

Hebrew Free Loan Association provides interest-free loans to Jewish adults who wish to adopt children internationally or domestically.

Help Us Adopt offers grants twice per year to prospective adopters who face significant financial obstacles.

National Adoption Foundation provides financial help and support services to adopting families.

National Adoption Subsidy Resource Center helps educate parents and professionals on Title IV-E Adoption Assistance.

Additional Information

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Financial Assistance Programs for Adopting Families Financial Assistance Programs for Adopting Families
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