Emotional Issues of Pregnancy and Delivery

Emotional Issues of Pregnancy and Delivery    Emotional Issues of Pregnancy and Delivery

Emotional Help During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery are all times of great physical, hormonal, and emotional changes for you and for every birth mother. Emotional ups and downs and moodiness during pregnancy are common to most pregnant women. These emotions and feelings are often intense, varied, and unpredictable. The links on this site should help you understand some of the emotional changes so that hopefully you can deal with them more effectively.

Moods and Emotions of Pregnancy

During the first stage of pregnancy (the first 3 months) the woman's emotions are often unstable and feelings of depression are not uncommon, often for no apparent reason.  The pregnant woman experiences many mood swings, which are often extreme and seem to come out of nowhere.  The woman may start to cry, or become angry, fearful, or hurt all with little cause or no apparent reason at all.

The second stage of pregnancy (2nd trimester) is typically a little more calm than the 1st trimester.  By this time the woman has begun to deal more effectively with her pregnancy and the emotions involved.  Often the woman will have more energy than she has had for a few months and her overall outlook tends to be more stable, positive, and predictable.

The final stage (months 7-9), and especially the last month or two, the pregnant woman's anxieties and fears may increase along with her physical discomfort. She may experience fatigue, restlessness, and sleeplessness.  Many women at this time feel very vulnerable to rejection, loss or insult, and they may feel "fat" and unattractive.  It is very common for the woman  to be preoccupied with concerns and fears about labor and delivery, the pain and uncertainty involved, and concerns about the financial, medical and emotional future for her child.

After the child has been born many women go through a period called the "baby blues" or through period of true depression. Depression that occurs during pregnancy is called perinatal depression while depression after pregnancy is called postpartum depression. Depression is one of the most common complications during and after pregnancy. Often, the depression is not recognized or treated, because some normal pregnancy changes cause similar symptoms and are happening at the same time.

For information on depression during and after pregnancy, both of which are very common, and effective ways to treat depression, please visit Depression During and After Pregnancy.

Where can I find help With My Emotions?

Pregnancy support groups and parenting support groups can help with some of the emotional issues of pregnancy, birthing, raising your child, and child adoption.  Each site offers something a little different.  For additional information about the emotions of your pregnancy, please visit the website Pregnancy And Children.  Other informational websites on pregnancy and emotions include:

CareMark.com is another website you may find helpful.

Can your Agency Help a Birth Parent Living in Any State?

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Emotional Issues of Pregnancy and Delivery    Emotional Issues of Pregnancy and Delivery







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