Adoption Services - We are about you and your baby.  Our adoption agency website lists information to assist pregnant women, birth mothers, parents and adopting families and even includes links to adoption agencies around the world.

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We Care About You and are Here to Help with All of Your Needs

We know that adoption is an act of love, commitment and sacrifice and that it can be a very difficult process on your part. My adoption agency and I want, and are able, to help you. Our Adoption Agency is committed to putting your needs first and to helping you in every way possible.

The agency, Adoption Services, Inc., is a fully licensed and not-for-profit adoption agency founded in 1985. We have helped over 9000 birth mothers, birth fathers and adopting families in all 50 U.S. states and even outside the United States. Our Adoption Services satisfaction rating by birth parents and adopting families is excellent (you can visit our testimonial pages). Feel free to contact us (toll-free +1 (800) 943-0400) from wherever you are and whenever you need us…day, weekends and holidays.

We provide free adoption services counseling and guidance to pregnant women, birth mothers, birth fathers and adopting families…and we will do the same for you. We do not try persuade you in one direction or another, but will answer your questions, provide you with relevant information, and support you in whatever decisions you make. IF you decide to develop an adoption plan, and want our adoption services, we will help in a way that takes all of your needs and desires into consideration and avoids the risks you may face if you proceed on your own with a private adoption or with an adoption facilitator.

Calls and emails are ALWAYS confidential and there is NEVER any obligation or cost when you contact us for help. If you chose the adoption route, we make sure that your needs are met, your rights are protected, each child is matched and placed with the perfect family, and that you receive all the help that the law allows and that you deserve. We also provide follow-up as part of our adoption services for as long needed…as long as it takes…from beginning to end.

When you contact our adoption agency, you will discover that our adoption services are different from many other child adoption agencies in several ways. You will NOT be treated as a number. You WILL receive the level of warm, caring, professional and personal attention you deserve. Foster care services will NOT be used or involved. And, you WILL have the choice of an open adoption or closed adoption, or anything in-between.

Everything you want to learn about adoption services, adoption agencies, domestic adoption, open adoption, closed adoption or other types of adoption, our agency Adoption Services is here to help you. Please click on the links below.

For additional information, a birth mother can visit the link Birth Parents: Ways We Can Help You and an adopting family can visit Ways We Can Help Adopting Families.


Our Adoption Agency is licensed in multiple states and is able to help birth parents and adopting families in all 50 states and in foreign countries. We are different from county child adoption programs and have worked with birth parents and adopting families from all over the world and our overall satisfaction rating has been excellent.

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