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Adoption Agencies and Information for Ghana

We are a not-for-profit agency that, since 1985, has successfully completed over 900 doemstic and international placements. We have a five-star rating on Google.  You can always visit our testimonial pages (see the link on the right).

We are no longer conducting international adoptions due to the many problems that currently exist. We continue to conduct Domestic adoptions and our Registration list is currently open. Feel free to call (1(800)943-0400) or click on the link Contact Us.

Regarding adoptions from this foreign country:

The Department of Social Welfare may consider an application for intercountry adoption as an alternative means of child care, if a child cannot be placed in a foster or adoptive family in Ghana or cannot in any suitable manner be cared for in Ghana. A court may grant an intercountry adoption order if it is in the best interests of the child.

PATTERNS OF IMMIGRATION OF ADOPTED ORPHANS TO THE U.S.: Recent U.S. immigrant visa statistics reflect the following pattern for visa issuance to Ghanaian orphans:

Fiscal Year Number of Immigrant Visas Issued
FY 2005 20
FY 2004 13
FY 2003 6
FY 2002 8
FY 2001 18

The Department of Social Welfare
Client Services Unit
P.O. Box M230
Accra, Ghana
Tel: 233-21-662-857

Embassy of Ghana, 3512 International Drive, N. W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Telephone (202) 686-4520

For more information about adoption from this country and about adoption agencies that can assist you, please visit the websites below. Prospective adoptive parents are advised to fully research any of the adoption agencies they plan to use for adoption services.

Ghana: Additional Adoption Agencies and Contact Information

U.S. Department of State: Ghana Adoption Agencies
The U.S. Department of State: Authentications Office
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
U.S. Foreign travel registration

The Joint Council for International Children’s Services (JCICS) is one of the oldest and largest membership associations of licensed non-profit international adoption agencies. All of the above adoption agencies are listed as members of JCICS.

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