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What are the Differences between an Intrastate Adoption and an Interstate Adoption?

An Intrastate child adoption takes place when the birth mother and baby reside in the same state as you. In an intrastate adoption the child being adopted does not have to be taken across state lines as part to the placement and adoption.

An interstate child adoption takes place when the birth mother and baby reside in a different state than you. In an interstate adoption, the child is taken form one state to another state with the intention being an adoption placement.

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Each of these of adoptions requires a different set of legal requirements. The main differences are that in an intrastate adoption you must meet the requirements of only one state while an interstate adoption must meet the requirements of at least two states as well as the requirements of the Interstate Compact Act.

Our fully licensed non-profit adoption agency conducts both intrastate and interstate adoptions and helps birth parents and families living in any state in the U.S. and we can also help U.S. citizens living in any foreign country. Since our founding in 1985, we have worked with thousands of birth parents and adopting families from all over the world and our overall satisfaction rating is excellent. We are committed to putting your needs first and to helping you in every way possible. Feel free to contact us or call (toll-free 1(800)943-0400) if you have any questions or if you want our guidance or help. All calls are confidential and there is never any obligation to you for our help.

More about Intrastate and Interstate Adoption

Once you have taken physical custody of the child, you can take the baby to your home if it is an intrastate adoption. However, if it is an interstate adoption you cannot take the child out of the state where the child is a resident until that state and your state of residence give their approval for the transfer. To receive this approval, your adoption agency or adoption attorney will file papers with the Interstate Compact Office located in both states. Until you get approval, while you can travel wherever you want, the child cannot cross the state line.

Another important distinction between the two types of adoption is that the laws and procedures of both states regarding the termination of the parental rights of the birth mother and birth father, the required post-placement supervisory visits and the finalization of the adoption need to be looked at and addressed. In both types of adoption it is very important you have a Home Study completed prior to taking custody of a child.

Where Can I Find Additional Sources of Information?

We at Adoption Services have extensive experience with both intrastate and interstate adoption. We are here to help you determine the best choice for you and then to help implement your choices in a way that will eliminate problems and concerns.

For additional help with an adoption agency adoption visit the link Selecting an adoption Agency. You can also find a list of adoption agencies in your state and neighboring states at the link Domestic Adoption Agencies.

If you need or want some specific personal advice contact your state child welfare agency or state adoption contact. You can also call Dr. Vince Berger, a psychologist and adoption professional.

Please visit our home page to read about our commitment to assist adoptive parents like you as well as pregnant women and birth parents.

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