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What is the Waiting Period to Adopt?

Typically there are 4 waiting periods.

The first is how long it takes you to decide that adoption is the way to create or expand your family. The second waiting period is from when you start the process until you take actual custody of the child.

The third waiting period is the time that the birth mother and birth father have to change their minds. The fourth is the waiting period until you can formally adopt the child.

The first two waiting periods depend on you and the adoption agency or attorney you work with. The third and fourth waiting periods are set by the adoption laws of each state and "the standard practices of local courts." The information below discusses the waiting period from when you start the process until you take actual custody of the child.

Waiting Period for a Domestic Adoption

The total waiting period in a domestic child adoption depends on several factors including the age, health, cultural heritage, race, and nationality of the child. It also depends on your child adoption budget, whether you find the child yourself, work with a private agency, an attorney, or adopt through a state foster care adoption program.

The wait with a private child adoption agency can also depend on whether the agency uses a fixed waiting list or a pooling/profile program. In general, waiting periods vary from about 6 months up to several years.

Our (Adoption Services) waiting times:

International Adoption

In an international child adoption there is usually no agency waiting period, but the waiting time depends on the process used and the country you are adopting from. Waits usually average from about 1 to 5 years depending on the country involved.
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