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Allen & Dora

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Allen & Dora

Hi! We are Allen and Dora and we are hoping to adopt.We live just outside the small town of Walnut Creek, Ohio, in a tight knit community.We enjoy the beautiful farming valley we live in. Seeing the cows munch the fresh green grass, and smelling the hay in the summertime.

Allen builds houses for Weaver Barns, and also has his own blueprint business designing custom homes. His hobbies are playing ping-pong and softball.

I (Dora) keep the home fires burning. Gardening, cooking, and cleaning. I work part time as a server at a local restaurant. my hobbies are reading, doing Pintrest do-it yourselfs, flower gardening, and playing volleyball.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is our whole life, and we believe nurturing and caring for a family is the highest calling.

Basic Info


Age: 33

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

Religion: Christian, Active

Education: 8th Grade Graduate

Profession: Home Builder


Age: 33

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

Religion: Christian, Active

Education: 8th Grade Graduate

Profession: Home Maker/Waitress

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Country: USA

State: Ohio

Environment: Rural

Residency: Single Family House

Square Footage: 2500 sq. ft.

Children in Home: No

Relationship: Married

Years Together: 12 years

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Couple

Post Adoption Contact

Open Adoption with some Visitation

Preferences for a Child

Age: Newborn to 2-weeks

Gender: Either

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic - Native American -White/Caucasian - up-to 25% African American

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Our Extended Family

Allen grew up in a family of ten. Him being the second oldest. Between two of his brothers we have five nephews and two nieces. One of his sisters and her husband are expecting their first baby in August, which we are excited for! Each summer we have a family camp-out. The children eat all the candy and snacks and can't wait for the traditional game of Gray Wolf after dark.

I (Dora) grew up in a family of four. We live next door to my parents and brother. We love to go to their house on Sundays after church for games and snack.

We have kindhearted neighbors and their children enjoy coming to our house for babysitting. We are blessed to be part of a caring community that is willing to help out if needs arise. Here in the Amish community most things revolve around children. When children become adults and get married Grandma and Grandpa help with their grandchildren, and so it continues generation after generation. During the summertime Allen and I help each other after work, tending the garden, mowing the lawn. We enjoy playing with our dogs, Callie and Abby,(Bernese Mountain Dogs),going on a walk, swimming at our friends, and sitting on the porch 'till the sun goes down. On Friday nights we like to go out to eat or have friends over for dinner. Saturdays are a good day to rent a pontoon and enjoy a day on the lake with friends, Allen fishes, I suntan, snack, and read.

On long winter evenings we snuggle on the couch, reading, eating chocolate, and drinking tea.I read biographys, inspirational, and How-To. Currently books about adoption and parenting. Allen reads magazines and newspapers. He prefers numbers over words, and is a real math whiz.

Our favorite vacation is going to Florida during the winter. We sleep in, sit long over coffee, relax by the pool, go to Siesta Key, play volleyball at the park, and play games with friends.

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From Us to You

We realize this is a difficult decision for you to make and we pray with you for wisdom in choosing a couple to parent your child.

Our desire is to raise this child in a way that he/she will realize that he/she was born into this world for a reason, and that he/she will always know and feel that the God who made him/her loves him/her and that he/she is also loved by you, us and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

We know parenting is not an easy task and are preparing by praying, asking advice from those who have experience, and reading about parenting an adopted child.

We hope that you would like to stay in touch. The Lord bless you, and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you, the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

Allen & Dora

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