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Adoption Services - We Care About You and Your Child

We are here to help you and any woman who is pregnant or has already given birth.

We will help you whether you are planning to parent or are thinking about adoption.

Our not-for-profit Agency has helped over 9000 pregnant women, birth parents and families over the past 40+ years and we can help you!

We are committed to putting your needs first and to helping you in every way possible. All calls are confidential and there is never any obligation or cost to you for our help.  Please visit the link "Ways we can help you" and/or the video below.

We help with pregnancy issues, with parenting concerns as well as with adoption questions and adoption choices. You can contact us (toll-free 1(800)943-0400). We have a five-star rating on Google and you can click on the testimonial link on the right hand side.

If you do not find help here, please contact us (toll-free 1(800)943-0400). Then we will not only help you, but will help me to add new information to help future pregnant women, birth mothers, and birth fathers.

Take care of yourself and your child, and stay safe, healthy, and as happy as possible.

Dr. Vince Berger
Psychologist and Executive Director of Adoption Services

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