Testimonials: What others have to say

We work hard to provide all our birth parents and adopting families with the care they deserve.

We are committed to taking care of everyone and making sure there are no mistakes.

Don't just take our word for it – read what some of our previous birth parents and families have to say.


These testimonials were provided voluntarily by people who have worked with Adoption Services over the years.  The testimonials included here are just a sampling of those provided to us.

The first group (approximately 21of them) is from adopting families to our agency regarding their feelings about birthmothers and birthfathers.  The second group of testimonials (approximately 16 of them) is from adopting families to the birthparents and from the birthparents to the adopting family.

Feel free to read or not read these, or just skim through them, or come back to them later.  They are provided because they may help you feel more comfortable with the adoption process.

A sensitive, caring, highly professional, and individualized approach is the standard that we always insist upon.  Please feel free to call and talk with us personally.


We would like to thank our child's birth mother. We think of and pray for her every day. Although the time that we spent with her was brief, she will forever be in our hearts. She made us feel very special - a specialness that continues on a daily basis - the specialness of being a parent. I could say that she will never know how happy she has made us and how much we love the child that we all share, but we just know that she does!

Your agency has changed the lives of and helped so many families like ours, birth mothers, and children. Keep up the good work.

Becky and Steve

We marvel every day at the inspired and sensitive way you brought Elizabeth into our lives.We are secure in the knowledge that, despite your deep interest in us, your first concerns were the baby and her birth mother. We recognize that all the time and attention you gave us represented a relatively minor aspect of your real mission, which was to help Elizabeth's birth mother through what must have been one of the most difficult experiences of her life. For us, part of loving Elizabeth as much as we do is caring very deeply for the young woman who gave birth to her. It gives us great comfort to know that she was counseled by you and made her decision in the context of your wise and sensitive support. We will always be grateful to you for that.

You managed skillfully to maintain confidentiality in the adoption, yet have given us a sense of continuity with Elizabeth's birth mother, forwarding information and photos so that she can follow Elizabeth's development.

John & Ann

We were very fortunate to meet our daughter's birth mother. She was a very warm and compassionate person. We talked for several hours about her plans, hopes and dreams. We found we had similar hopes and dreams. We think of our daughter's birth parents often, as they are very special people.

We thank everyone at Adoption Services and our daughter's birth parents for making our dreams a lifelong journey of love. Everyday is a new beginning in the joyful adventures of our new family.

Linda and Jerry

One feels so vulnerable during this long process, and your experience made such a difference to us. Our daughter is now almost two years old and remains perfect. I wish that the birth mothers could know the incredible happiness that folks like us find when they follow through with this most difficult decision. But just as we cannot know the depth and range of their emotions, they cannot know the height of our joy. I hope somehow that these women gain peace knowing that this decision is the right decision, and surely it is. I believe all parents like us have in our hearts a great respect and fondness for these unknown women, and while we cannot tell them, we wish for them great happiness and joy in life.

A Happy Family

We would like to share with you the story of our extraordinary adoption experience. When we registered with Adoption Services, we were told that it would probably take a year or more before we would reach the top of the list. Imagine our surprise when we were called three months later and told we had been matched with a birth mother and the baby was due any day!

We spoke to the birth mother on the telephone at her request. We liked each other right away - we talked for four hours! Two weeks later the birth mother called the agency to say that labor was going to be induced, and we were invited to attend the birth!

We arrived at the hospital a few hours after the birth mother was admitted. We talked a lot during the next 5 hours, learning as much as we could about each other. When the big moment arrived, I was actually helping the birth mother push, while my husband was right outside the door watching her contractions on the monitor. It was the most incredible experience of our lives. I was the first one to see our little angel, and I was the first to hold her. I had always dreamed of having a little girl with dark hair and dark eyes, and there she was, a miracle in my arms.

The birth mother gave us full parental rights at the hospital (I got to wear a hospital bracelet that said I was a parent) so that we could do anything we wished during the 36 hours the baby was there. The birth mother went home after 24 hours, but had to come back the next morning to release the baby from the hospital. She brought the birth father and we were able to meet him too.

We cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for the birth mother to make the decisions she did. She gave us not only a child, but gave us memories to cherish for a lifetime. Through her, God has answered our prayers beyond anything we ever dreamed of. Our little girl is the light of our lives.

David & Marsha,
Proud Parents of Bethany

Dave and I still haven't come down from cloud nine yet. We can't begin to express in words how happy we are and how much we love Matthew.

We are so glad now that we did get to meet Matthew's birth parents. We thank God every day there are special people like them in this world. We also hope that they, in turn, realize how much Matthew will be loved! We were so thankful now that we had the opportunity to tell them how very happy they've made us and to say how special they really are to us.

Thank you all so very much for giving us the chance to love a child and have that love returned threefold.

Dave and Carol Proud Parents of Matthew David

Joshua is three months old; he is a beautiful, bright, adorable baby. He has blessed us and our entire family. Dr. Berger has always displayed genuine concern for us, the biological parents, and mostly the child. He truly cares about the proper placement for the baby.

There's one more thing I'd like to say, and that is that through this process, Dr. Berger would tell us about the counseling he was doing with the biological mother as to whether adopting out her child was the right choice. Sometimes, you can think to yourself, "I just wish Dr. Berger would tell her that we'd be good parents and encourage her to go through with the adoption." I felt like that because our desire for a baby is so strong. But as I've watched the process, the counseling that Dr. Berger does with the biological parent is vital. I believe that's why his success rate as far as placement is so much higher than other agencies we looked into. Because if the biological mother hasn't reached the right decision, it will only cause you sadness later on. So we are very grateful for the honest counseling he has done with the biological mother.

We love our son very, very much and we will always be grateful.

Marvin & Jillian

We almost walked away from our opportunity. The birth mother wanted to place her son for adoption, but the birth father said he did not. He didn't want to be the one to care for his son either. At the time he was unemployed and living with the birth mother. He told the agency and us that if his situation changed before the court date for termination of parental rights, he was going to take his son back. It seemed like an extra risky case.

Two months later both birth parents went to the hearing and voluntarily signed the necessary documentation.

I have to admire our son's birth mother for having the courage and strength that she has. She loves her child and wants the best for him. I thank God every day for our son, and I am so happy that this birth mother had the courage to continue with her pregnancy, take care of herself, and chose adoption to provide her child with the home and family life that she was unable to provide.

Karen and Dan

We can never thank you and your staff enough for all the great work you did in bringing beautiful baby Matthew to our family. From start to finish you and your staff were professional, knowledgeable and compassionate not only with us, but with Matthews birth mother as well.and that meant a lot to us. Having the opportunity to meet her and talk with her before Matthew was born helped us so much.

Everyone on your staff is so knowledgeable about the entire adoption process. no stone is left unturned, no detail too small for them to be right on top of everything. They are especially great in bonding with the birth mothers and creating an atmosphere of trust. All facets of the process are made known to all parties involved from the start. Nothing is hidden or secret. Everyone knows what's going on at all times.

We felt so comfortable with everyone at Adoption Services and always felt that you were there for us, and for the birth mother, to help answer questions or just lend and understanding ear.

The agency we worked with when we adopted our first child created a nightmare for us - they didn't do research on the birth mother's situation, showed no concern for us or the baby, and didn't bother to call us after the placement.we had virtually no support from them.

All in all, we can honestly say that adopting Matthew was a really great experience.

Rob and Liz

Since our adoption of Michael our lives have changed so much. We have been happier than we ever thought possible. From the beginning with our home study to the meeting of Michael's birth mother, it was an experience that we will never forget. It changed our lives forever.

It was a very meaningful meeting to us, and one we will never forget. It gave us insight into what the future would hold, along with her feelings and concerns.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Words can't express the feelings and emotions this experience has given us.
Tim and Maria

We have found the agency and staff wonderful to associate ourselves with. They are very thoughtful and caring people. They care about the birth parents, adoptive parents and most importantly, the children.

Children should be our first priority in life. They should always be given the best of everything in this world. That's why my husband and I always thank God for our son and his birth parents. You are giving a child "life." That is what our son will always know and that is, his birth mother gave him "life." A life to live on and be a special person in this world.

Adoptive Parents

Adoption Services seemed very right to us. We believe that they respect both parties: the birth parents and the adopting parents. We feel very comfortable and proud to be sending updates and photos through Adoption Services for the birth mother. I keep copies of my notes and photos to share with Andrew one day.

We wish you happiness with your decision. Our birth mother has given our family the greatest gift ever and she may be proud.

Andrew's Adoptive Mother

First and foremost, Adoption Services offered prospective birth mothers extensive counseling BEFORE their babies were born. They care about their birth mothers and want to make sure they are making a decision that is right for them. They know that deciding to give up a child for adoption can be a very difficult decision.

They work with both sides to achieve results that are positive and healthy for all involved.

Jim and Nancy

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we've had with your agency. We will be forever grateful that Adoption Services is flexible enough to have allowed us to meet our birth mother and to keep the adoption somewhat open. We feel that Adam will benefit from the information that we will be able to give him someday when he is an adult.

Walt & Kelly

We still remember the meeting with his birth mother. We talked for 30-45 minutes and showed her pictures of our home and family. Knowing that she was comfortable with us was such a relief.

To say that the whole agency was outstanding and professional would be an understatement.

Dan and Heidi

We found this agency has a heart that cares and feels for all concerned - the birth mothers, the adoptive parents and above all the baby.

Judy and Don

The birth parents are treated with compassion and respect throughout the process. Their needs and anxieties are most important at this most confusing time in their lives.

We think about our sons' birth mothers every day and hope that somehow they know how well their children are doing and how much they are loved.

Relieved Loving Parents

I pray daily for Jamie's birth mother, who gave us our greatest gift of all, our son!

Adopting Mother

As with the pregnancy, there are risks in adoption. Adoption Services minimizes those risks with extensive counseling to the birth mother, including the grandparents if necessary.

Nan Marie and Terrence

We never got to meet our daughter's birth parents, but hope that someday we will.We are so very thankful to them, words cannot explain. We think of them as very caring, thoughtful, unselfish parents.

We thank God every day for her and her birth mother and birth father.

Tim & Pam B

It also makes us feel good to know how much time and energy they spend on helping the birth mother to make the right decision for her so that she can feel settled about placing her baby with an adoptive family.

Dan & Stephanie


Our new baby boy has brought much happiness to our family!His big sister loves to be around him and enjoys "helping" us take care of him. She loves "talking" to him and then watching him coo and smile. We went on many walks together this fall, and we spend many hours playing together.

We wish we could find the words to tell you how much happiness you have brought into our lives. Our family is now complete thanks to you. We think it is so special that they are really brother and sister and know that it will mean a lot to them as they grow up. Please believe us when we say two children couldn't be more loved.

The Adopting Family

I would like to thank you for all these pictures. It means so much to me that you took the time to send them to me. The pictures are unbelievable! He looks so much like his birth father and me. I can tell he will certainly have a lot of hair and will be very dark. The birth father and I are very similar in looks. We both have very thick dark hair and very deep, dark eyes. There's no question what he will look like!

I'm glad I'm able to see how well taken care of Christopher is. It makes me feel so much better when I see all his cute clothes and all his toys. I've gone through a lot in the past, but now everything is pretty much getting back to normal and I'm living like a teenager should, and having a lot of fun! Thank you so much!

Christopher's Birth mother

There are so many things I feel I need to say to you both. These things are running through my mind constantly. First of all, I have to say thank you. That's such a simple phrase that could never cover the enormous gratitude I feel towards you both. Thank you for taking my little girl into your home and making her your own. I think it takes special people to be able to love another person so completely and so unconditionally; almost instantly. The love you felt for her showed in your eyes from the moment that you saw her. I knew from that moment that she would found her Mommy and Daddy.

I also felt that I should explain my actions through this whole experience. I hope you don't think that I am a cold person or that I didn't care about her when she was born. I know it may be unusual for a birth mother to be so eager for the adoptive parents to come and see the baby or to want to be there when she leaves the hospital. I want you to know that I did these things because it was necessary for me to have a picture in my mind of the happiness you were experiencing. I can carry that memory with me always.

From the first time I met you, I felt an instant connection. You are immediately likable and everything any mother could want for her child. After meeting you, I began to look at my pregnancy in a whole new way. I spent everyday feeling excited for you both and feeling really good about what I was doing. I still intend to write a letter to her. I just don't know yet what I want to say. When I'm ready I'll have it sent to you. I hope someday to be a part of her life in any way that makes her and you comfortable. Until that time, I hope to see more pictures of her and hear how she is doing. This will help me to have a complete picture of her in my mind.

I have peace of mind that she is safe, happy, and loved. This is all I ask of you-that you love her completely, always. I know that you will.

There is just one other thing I must say to you. It may sound strange coming from someone who barely knows you, but I love you both. I am not a religious person, but I honestly believe that you were the answer to my prayers. I pray to God everyday to keep you all safe so you can enjoy each other and your now complete family. Be happy. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Loving Birth Mom

I can't express the thanks I have for the pictures you've sent. Or for the letter I received. Milfred looks so happy, and healthy. And he has those wonderful big ears. Just like his birth father and brother. My son asks of Milfred often, and these pictures bring him so much joy. His face just lit up with excitement. These pictures make you wish you could reach out and touch him.

My three-year-old son also slept through the nights as an infant. He also grew at a rapid pace, and was a very content baby. It's amazing how similar the two of them look.

Please give Milfred a big hug and kiss from all of us. We all love him dearly. Our family can't wait to see his pictures.

All our love and blessings,

The Birth Parents

Words cannot describe how much happiness you have brought into our lives.It has been a long 5-year struggle for us to have a family, and now you have provided an answer to our prayers- a beautiful baby daughter. The love, caring, and concern we have showered on her will continue for a lifetime.

In addition to our loving arms, two sets of grandparents and many aunts and uncles have held her and hugged and kissed her, welcoming her into her new family. Rarely there is a dry eye in the house because everyone is so happy about her arrival. She is a dream come true for us. Be assured that she will always be loved and well-provided for. We are looking forward to watching her grow up. We will provide a lot of opportunities for her so she can experience as much as possible. We will always be there to encourage and support her as she pursues her different interests.

As she gets older and begins to ask questions about her adoption, we will tell her as much as we know and always reassure her that your decision was made out of love for her and concern for her future.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Loving Mom and Dad

To the adopting family of my son, I wish to thank you for adopting my son and giving him a secure life and home. I hope he brings you as much joy and happiness as my first son gives me.

Any pictures or updates would definitely be appreciated from time to time. It just makes a big difference to know how he's progressing. It gives me a certain sense of security. As a mother already, I just have that feeling of needing to know that he's okay. I hope you understand.

Also, if you accept it, I'd like you to have my address. I'll leave that up to you, but you have full permission to have it. You can receive it from Dr. Berger if you choose to accept it. I guess I just really want you to know that I really care.

I know in my heart and my mind that he is in good hands and has lots of love.

I'd like to thank you once more and wish you all the happiness a child can bring.

God bless you all.

Thank you for our miracle. She has turned our lives upside down and brought total chaos to our home. And we love it. Every minute- Including the 4 am feedings.

As you can tell from the pictures, the baby is beautiful.

What the baby's pictures don't show is her already emerging spunky personality. She is very alert. Her eyes and head already follow our voices, faces, and her toys. She has already smiled and demands, and readily receives, her share of attention.

Her brothers love her to pieces. They tell everyone they see that they have a baby sister. Our six-year-old loves to feed her and hold her. He has already announced that he will protect her. He won't let her cry for even ½ of a second. The moment she makes a sound, he demands that we pick her up. He is already figuring out ways to amuse her. Our three-year-old is a little more reserved. But he tells us nearly every night how lucky he is to have a little sister.

She's a great hit with all our relatives and friends too. There has been a steady stream of well-wishing visitors; all bearing gifts. Her closet is now jam-packed with wonderful- mostly pink- outfits; one cuter than the next. Luckily, she looks great in pink.

We've decorated her room with wallpaper that has teddy bears, elephants, bunnies, chicks, and butterflies frolicking in the forest. So, it's feminine, but not overly frilly- perfect for a little girl.

As you know, we've named the baby Kaelin. Giving her a name that was just right for her was tough. We wanted something beautiful and unique-but not weird. Kaelin is Irish and means "slender and fair". The nickname "Kaely" is also an Irish name and means "beautiful one". We hope you like the name. We never use it though-well we rarely use it. Her brothers call her "sweet pea", her dad calls her "peanut", and her mom calls her "bright eyes".

Thank you for the pictures of yourself. We can see why the baby is so beautiful. She looks an awful lot like you already. We will save the pictures for her and share them with her when she is ready to know more about her birth mother.

We hope this letter gives you some feelings for how much we love the baby. It's extremely hard to capture in words, but we believe adopted children are more loved than other children. An adopted child's birth mother loves her incredibly to give her life and then sacrifice her time with the baby so that the baby can have all she wants for her child but is unable to provide. And the adopting family loves the baby beyond expression. The baby has been so desperately wanted and is so cherished.

We can only imagine how difficult this time has been for you. We can promise you two things that we hope will help: First, we will make sure that baby grows up knowing how much you love her, and second, we promise that no child will ever be loved more than your baby will be loved by us.

You have given us the most precious gift. You have given your daughter life and a good, healthy beginning, and you have given us the daughter and sister we have dreamed of for years.

Not a day will go by that we will not think of you and silently thank you for the wonderful gift that you have given us. And each of those days we will be wishing you well and hoping you have found as much happiness as you have brought to us.
Much happiness to you always,

The Adopting Family

I hope this holiday brings peace and joy to all of you. Thank you so much for the pictures and updates of Thomas. I can't believe how much he has grown! He is so adorable! I love getting pictures of Thomas.

I will always love Thomas in my own way. Thank you for loving him and taking care of him. I know he is safe and HAPPY!

Have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thomas' Birth mother

We would like to express our appreciation for the beautiful letter we received from you last week. What a very touching and moving letter; we have read it several times. It arrived at a time when we were quite anxious and it very much put to rest some of our concerns and fears.

Christopher is a very bright, beautiful, healthy, good-natured child and we feel so very fortunate to have such a wonderful baby.

Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful gift that you have given to us. You had several options available to you in your situation and we will be eternally grateful to you for the decision you made. Your love and sacrifice have been the answer to all our hopes and dreams. We fell truly blessed to have the opportunity to raise this wonderful little boy.

We hope you enjoy these pictures and thank you again for the answer to our prayers.
God bless you,

Christopher's adoptive parents

Enclosed are a few pictures of the baby. As you can see, she was very alert even at only one week old. She has been a very content and happy baby adding untold joy for us.

We hope you will take comfort in knowing the baby is well cared for and very happy. Her extended family (on both our sides) is overjoyed at her arrival and therefore she has been welcomed into a large family with open arms. She doesn't know it yet, but I would find it hard to believe there is any baby more loved.

We will continue to send updated photos and notes as long as you want us to. If this changes, please just let us know.

We trust things are going well for you and we wish you the best. Please know that the baby is very happy & healthy and much loved.

Blessed parents

How are you? Everyone here is fine- especially Morgan!!! She is just a joy. She will be 12 weeks old on Saturday. I can hardly believe it.

About three weeks ago she started to smile a lot. Now she's smiling all the time. In fact, the one picture of her smiling says it all. We truly believe she's a happy baby!!!

We just love her so much, and each day with her is a gift (from you and God). She has brought us so much happiness it's over-whelming. We hope you enjoy these pictures, the one in her white dress is from Easter, Maggie and her are real buddies, she loves her swing, and the "laughing beauty" is the most recent picture.

Morgan has been the answer to our prayers and gives us more happiness and joy that we could have ever imagined.

Loving adopting Mom and Dad

These few words can't begin to express our thanks to you. Even if we could put a "Thank You" on every star in the sky, it still would not be enough.

Every time we threw a penny in a fountain, wished upon a falling star, or just made a wish when blowing out the candles on a cake, it was always the same wish, and that was for us to be blessed with a child. You have done more than just given us that wish; you have also answered our prayers and made our dreams come true. Since you have given us the angel of our life, and though we cannot begin to repay you or give you anything so special and precious, we would like you to have this guardian angel to be with you always.

We wish you all the happiness in your life that you have given to us. You're a very loving and caring person and there will always be a very special place in our hearts for you. We will continue to think of you often and your unselfish act has brought more happiness to our life than we could ever imagine.
May God Bless You Always

Adoptive Parents

I just really wanted to write a letter to you to express how much it means to me that there are such nice people like you. Because of you, you took something that was very, very hard for me and turned it into a miracle for yourselves.

It really made me feel good inside to know that all the requirements I wanted in the parent's for this child were available to me. I was so relieved when they gave me a brief description of your family. I can tell by your occupations that you are very caring and kind-hearted people.

Whenever I start feeling down or depressed, all I have to do is think about what a wonderful family this little boy is going to have. You see, I couldn't give him everything you and your husband could give him. I mean, I'm only 18 years old, I'm certainly not married, I don't have a job, and I want to finish high school and go to college to become someone who helps teenagers in my situation and with a newborn baby. I wouldn't be able to accomplish my goals and take care of him at the same time. A lot of my friends have been giving me a pretty hard time asking me "how could you be so cruel?" or "doesn't that bother you that you don't have him"? But you know, when I think about it, I feel it would've been cruel not to do what I did. I can't give him anything that you and your husband can give him. This baby needs a lot of love, care, and attention just like my parents have given me. I just wouldn't be able to do it.

Well, I guess I will end this letter, but before I do, I'd like to thank you one more time THANK YOU!

Birth mother

Here are some more pictures of Andy. He is doing really well. Needless to say, we love him very much, and our families adore him. Once again, we want you to know how grateful we are to you for letting him be a part of our lives. He has brought us so much joy. We hope everything is going well for you and Craig.
Loving family
Wesley is growing well and a very active boy.

He is very fond of his brothers and sisters and has his own special little friends at church, too. We feel very privileged to have him as our son and thank God and you for giving him to us.

With Love, the Adopting Parents

My husband and I could never express the gratitude we feel giving us our baby boy.His personality is complex because he is truly quite a character. He is affectionate and loves to snuggle in close to us; but if you tick him off, he'll give you the "cold stare". He is an easygoing little guy; however, if he makes his mind up on something, it's really hard to persuade him otherwise.

I presume many parents could describe their children as very similar to ours, but our little boy is absolutely unique to us. We love him. We love both our sons and want the best for them always. We expect them to grow up to be fine, young men, but for right now, they are two very happy go-lucky children.

My hopes were to ease your minds in knowing that the baby boy you gave up for adoption has a home and a family with us. I wish you well in life and hope that this letter has given you comfort.

Loving Parents