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Adopting Persons: Our Adoption Process

If you did not come from the page "Ways We Can Help You", we suggest you click on that page before you read what is below and then return to this page.

For over 45+ years as a Psychologist, and since our founding in 1985 as a fully licensed, non-profit Adoption and Child Placing Agency, my staff and I have completed approximately 900 successful adoption placements with US citizens living in any country and non-citizens living in the US.

We have an excellent reputation, but you do not have to take our word. We have a five star rating on Google and you can check us out by contacting our primary State’s (we are licensed in many states) Licensing Authority (telephone # 717-772-7702).

Additionally, you can view some of our many testimonials. Please feel free to call (1(800)943-0400) or click on the link Contact Us.

While many other agencies have significant restrictions, your ability to be a good parent(s), compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and successful completion of our Registration, Application, and Home Study processes are our only restrictions.

We will work with an adult of any age, sex, race, or ethnic background, marital status, length of marriage, family composition, religion, etc.

Our specialty is placing healthy newborns or infants from the US. Our Domestic Adoption Program uses a Fixed Waiting List instead of a family profile-pooling program. You can decide on an open or closed adoption and you can meet the birth parents or not meet them.

We recognize that no two families are alike so, in all instances, you decide how you wish to proceed and we personalize and individualize each adoption to find as perfect a "fit" for you as possible. We deal with you as a unique entity. Your calls are handled personally and individually as are all your interviews and Home Study process.

The following step-by-step outlines the adoption process through our adoption agency, Adoption Services:

  1. Take your time and review as much information as you want by clicking on the buttons on the right hand margin. When you are ready, give us a toll free call (1(800)943-0400). We will take whatever time is needed to answer all of your questions and concerns.
  2. Then, request our Information Packet including our Registration Form. After reading the detailed Information Packet, call our State’s primary licensing authority (telephone # 717-772-7702). Note: Every legitimate licensed adoption agency has such an authority and you should never send anyone any money until you check with the agency’s licensing authority to make sure you are dealing with a fully licensed, non-profit agency that has an excellent record.
  3. Complete the Registration Form and return it to us with a $1900 check. This fee is fully refundable if we do not accept you into our program. If approved, you are placed on our waiting list.
  4. After a positive review of your Registration we will send you a more comprehensive Application Packet. You complete this packet and send it to us with a check for $3300. Both this Application Fee and the Registration Fee are fully refundable if we do not approve your Application. If the Registration and Application are both accepted, we then process both of your checks.
  5. We then will send you clearance documents so that we can get required state Department of Motor Vehicles, state police, child abuse and FBI clearances. Once all of this is completed you are ready to have a Home Study completed.
  6. You will have the Home Study completed through our Agency or some other licensed, non-profit agency (Please discuss this with us before you schedule a home study with another agency.).
  7. Once the Home Study has been completed and approved by our Agency, you are ready for a placement.
  8. In almost every instance you will come to the hospital to take custody of the newborn infant. Our Agency then works to have the birth mother’s and birth father’s parental rights ended and to get approval for you to take the baby home.
  9. Once the parental rights are ended we then bill you the Agency Service Fee. Since many birth parents change their mind between referral and placement we do not bill this at the time of referral since we can not guarantee that the birth mother or father will not change their mind. Once their rights have been ended, then we know it is a safe placement.
  10. What remains is for you to love and enjoy your new family and participate in the post-placement supervisory sessions required by every state before you can finally adopt the child. The post-placements sessions are conducted by our Agency or a cooperating agency and will be submitted to the state authorities involved and the court where the final adoption hearing will be help.
  11. The final adoption hearing is held; in some states you and the child will need to attend and in others you do not.
  12. We will be there to help you at every stage in the process. We are committed to being the most professional, careful and caring agency you can find. We cut no corners, take no short-cuts, make sure you take no unnecessary risks, and provide you with all the information and personal assistance you need and desire.
  13. For more information click on any of the “buttons” on the right hand margin of any page. For additional information about wait times and adoption fees click on this link Waiting times and Fees.
  14. For information about the different types of adoption, click on the link Domestic Adoption.
  15. Click on the link Ways We Can Help You for other information about our program.   

Please feel free to Contact Us by email or phone. We prefer the more personal approach of the phone (toll-free 1(800)943-0400) so we can address all of your issues. We look forward to be able to help you to make your dream of adopting a child come true.

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