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employer financial help for adoption

Employer Financial Help for Adoption

Many employers now offer an adoption benefit program which includes financial and other assistance to employees involved in a child adoption.

Employer Adoption Financial Help

Employer adoption benefits are usually similar to the benefits available to new biological parents. Adoption benefits typically consist of information resources, financial assistance and parental leave policies.

Financial assistance in a fixed amount, usually between $1,000 and $15,000, may be offered by your employer or the employer may offer reimbursement for specific adoption related costs such as legal costs. Some employers offer adoption related support and referral services and some employers contract with human resources firms to provide their employees with adoption information, support, and referrals to licensed adoption agencies. Additionally, the employer may offer paid or unpaid adoption leave.

You should look into the benefits offered by your employer since an ever increasing number of companies are now offering adoption assistance. While only 12% of employers surveyed in 1990 offered adoption assistance this number has steadily increased ever since.

The National Adoption Center (NAC) in collaboration with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption prepared a list of employers offering adoption benefits.

Additional Information

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