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Pennsylvania Health Departments

The Pennsylvania Department of Health can provide you with valuable health information and with information about nutrition and other Pennsylvania programs that can help with raising a child. Below we have provided the website link and contact information for the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Health Departments in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Department of Health 
Health and Welfare Building
7th & Forster Streets 
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: 1-877-PA-HEALTH

Health Departments in Other States

Click here to find health departments in other states

Additional Areas of Interest

Pennsylvania Child Health Insurance Program can provide free health insurance to families and children who qualify.

Pennsylvania Child Nutrition Programs, through the cooperation of the U.S. federal and state governments, provide access to child nutrition information and they provide free and low-cost food.

Pennsylvania State Child Welfare Department can provide you with information about foster care, adoption and parenting.

Pennsylvania State Department of Education in each state can give you information about special early intervention programs and about school nutrition programs.

Pennsylvania State Adoption Contacts can put you in touch with the child adoption specialists and child adoption program in each state.

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