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Child Adoption Rights and Laws

These links below will help you regarding your adoption rights, the rights of the birth mother, birth father, and the birth mother's husband if she is married to someone other than the birth father.

Additionally, the fear of a disruption, the role of an attorney, and child adoption laws are discussed.

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Adopting Family Rights

Once a child has been placed into your physical custody you have all the responsibilities like any parent but you have almost none of the rights of a parent. Please review the information in this section.

Birth Mother and Birth Father Parental Rights

The parental rights of the birth mother, birth father and the birth mother's husband if she is married to someone other than the birth father, all need to be ended before you can adopt the child. Each U.S. state and territory has a statute providing for the ending (called termination, relinquishment, or surrender) of parental rights. In some states, the rights of the maternal and paternal grandparents also must be taken into account.

Child Adoption Laws

This child adoption laws link provides information about more than just state adoption laws. It will give you information about the Interstate Compact Act, the Indian child Welfare Act, the requirements of the Hague Convention and much more.

Adoption Laws By State

The link State Adoption Laws will allow you to check out your rights under the laws of your state of residence and under the laws of the state in which the parental rights of the birth mother and birth father are ended.

Adoption Disruption

An adoption disruption, where a child has been placed with you and then taken back, is a horrible emotional experience for anyone adopting. But disruptions can and do occur, so it is best to be knowledgeable about them.

Adoption Attorneys

You have the right to your own attorney regardless of who you work with on an adoption. If you have decided to work with a licensed adoption agency, the agency's attorney can help. If you are proceeding with a private adoption, then you should always obtain your own attorney. Please remember that when it comes to laws and legal rights, there is no substitute for an experienced adoption attorney or licensed adoption agency.

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