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Government Assistance Programs

The different types of adoption include agency, private, foster care, facilitator, intrastate, interstate, open, closed, domestic and international.  It is important that you understand the types of child adoption and how they are different.

We are a non-profit adoption agency that helps birth parents and families living in any state. Since our founding in 1985, we have worked with over 9000 birth parents and adopting families. Feel free to contact us or call (toll-free 1(800)943-0400).

Financial Assistance Programs

Financial Assistance Programs are available to help you and your child both during and after the adoption process.

Medical Assistance Programs

Medical Assistance Programs are available to help you and your child both during and after the adoption process.

Adoption Exchange and Photolist Contacts

Adoption Exchanges and Photolists are good places for you to find children who are in the state foster care system and who available for adoption.

Child Nutrition Programs

Child Nutrition Programs and Child Nutrition Assistance Programs are available in every state. These programs will give you access to nutrition information and to free and low-cost food.

Child Welfare Office

Child Welfare Office located in each state provides resources to help you understand the child adoption laws, regulations, and procedures of their state. This child adoption resource will help you to contact your state child welfare agency.

Department of Education

State Department of Education can provide you with information about school nutrition programs and special intervention programs.

Department of Health

State Department of Health in your state is an excellent resource to help you find programs dealing with health and nutrition, insurance and other programs for children.

Government Programs State-by-State

Each state has a special child adoption website and one or more specialists in child adoption who can help you understand your state's child adoption program.

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