Parenting Your Child and Parenting Support Groups for Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers

Help is available for a birth mother or birth father in raising and parenting their child. Keep reading below for parenting links.

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Parenting Links:
Infant and child health
Child development
Infant Nutrition
Breast feeding
Mother and child safety
The biological father
Support groups

Child Development

It is important to understand the developmental stages and progress of your child.  This section includes child development information from ages 0-21 years as well as a calendar that shows your baby's development from conception to 3 years.

Infant and Child Health

Infant and child health has baby care and health related information from a variety of sources including the Mayo Clinic, The American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Library of Medicine.

Breast Feeding

While most women in the world breast feed, in the US it is not as wide spread.  However, it is accepted that if you breast feed your child, breast feeding can help protect a baby against many illnesses.  For additional information about breast feeding, please visit the link "after delivery" on the website Pregnancy And Children.

Infant Nutrition

Choosing how and what to feed your baby is a personal decision that deserves careful consideration. We have provided information to help you with infant nutrition concerns and to guide you.

Biological Father

The biological father is the man whose sperm impregnated the mother.  A father who is raising his child encounters many new, and often complicated, issues.

Support Groups

Support groups and resources are available to help you with parenting and raising your child.

Mother and Child Safety

Mother and child safety deals with domestic violence, child abuse, shelters, and provides some general information resources.

Additional Information

For additional information about your pregnancy and about infant health, please visit the website Pregnancy And Children.

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