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Raising Your Adopted Child

As an adopting family, you and your adopted child may face several issues and concerns that are different than those faced when a child has been biologically born into the family.

Infant Nutrition

Since very few adoptive mothers are able to breast feed, you may have infant nutrition, formula and bottle feeding questions.  The infant nutrition page may help address some of those questions.

Child Development Issues

An adopted child has some developmental issues that are different from a non-adopted child.  While these may appear similar to those of a non-adopted child, they may be more focused and may be magnified due to the adoption process.

Explaining Adoption

Explaining adoption can be very straightforward or not depending on your own level of comfort.  The more comfortable you are with the facts and with your personal feelings about adoption, the easier it will be to explain adoption to your child and to others.

Emotional Issues

Every child, as they grow and mature, has developmental problems and changing emotional issues to deal with.  An adopted child may have emotional issues related to being placed for adoption that are different than those faced by a non-adopted child.

Adoption and Schools

At all levels of education (elementary school, middle, and high school) your adopted child can face problems that are caused by, or related to, the school and school program. Adoption and Schools can anticipate some of the school challenges your child may face so that you can minimize the impact of these issues.

Adoption Therapy

You and your child may be in need of post-adoption therapy and services. This need is common in adoption situations whether your child was adopted as a newborn or as an older child, from the U.S. or another country.

Adoption Therapist Selection

Problems experienced within your family or with the adoptee may or may not be related to adoption, that's why a counselor experienced in adoption can be so important. Indeed, finding the best adoption therapist can be a difficult task.

Adoption Support Groups

Child adoption support groups and child adoption internet sites exist to help you in the child adoption process.  There are child adoption related support groups for adopting families involved with a domestic adoption or an international adoption and other child adoption groups for those who have already completed the adoption process.

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