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Parenting Support Groups

Most people searching for "parenting support groups" are searching for: 1) a group of friendly faces to discuss the concerns and fears of raising children; and 2)  sources of help for financial, medical and nutritional issues. 

Over the past 45+ years our not-for-profit adoption agency and I have helped over 9000 pregnant women, birth parents and families from all 50 states. We have a five-star rating on Google.  You can always visit our testimonial pages (see the link on the right). Please contact us toll-free at 1(800)943-0400 and visit the link Ways we can help you.

All you need to do is click on the link for your state below and a list of helpful resources will appear.

Parenting Support Groups Listed By State

ArkansasNew Hampshire
CaliforniaNew Jersey
ColoradoNew Mexico
ConnecticutNew York
DelawareNorth Carolina
FloridaNorth Dakota
IndianaRhode Island
IowaSouth Carolina
KansasSouth Dakota
MinnesotaWest Virginia

National Parenting Support Groups and Information

The information below is included on each of the state pages listed above.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America: BBBSA  enables adult volunteers, through a matching and mentoring program, to serve as friends, mentors, and role models for school-aged children and teens. The BBBSA agencies provide professional casework support and locally-focused programs.

Child Nutrition Programs: U.S. government information on health and state agencies administering child nutrition programs.

Financial and other critical assistance for pregnant women: There are many extra expenses related to your care, prenatal care, preparing for a new baby, and then the care of the baby. There are financial aid and other programs available for women who need assistance. State and local health departments, community free clinics, and other organizations offer medical care. There is also the special government program for women, infants, and children called WIC.

Insure Kids Now is a government program that benefits children under age 18 who do not have insurance.

Mothers of Preschoolers:    MOPS  helps urban, suburban, and rural moms, stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single, and married moms - moms with different lifestyles who all share a similar desire to be the very best moms they can be!  MOPS tries to help moms through relationships established in the context of local groups that provide a caring atmosphere for today's mother of young children.

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) Support Groups is a database containing almost 900 adoption-related support groups from across the United States and Canada. You can search the database by state or province, or by the type of group or the group's activity. The search term field allows you to enter in any information you like, i.e. contact name, group name, city, and activity.   Services include medical assistance, financial assistance, nurturing homes, educational programs, employment & adoption counseling, preparation for parenthood.  The objective of the Nurturing Network is to ensure that every woman knows that the resources she needs in order to continue her pregnancy are available by calling the Network's toll free number.

Pregnancy And Children is a comprehensive website that can help any woman who wants to know more about her pregnancy, about the child she has delivered or may give birth to in the near future, and about raising her child.

Teenage mother help:   The Young Mommies Help Site is designed for young moms and moms-to-be who plan on raising their child. It hopes to support, inform, and connect young mothers so they can better face the challenge of parenting. The YMHS provides these essential foundations with free services like young mother discussion/chat groups, a weekly chat with other moms, a pen pal directory, and links to helpful sites, resources and information.

WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children: WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition counseling, and referrals to health and other social services to participants at no charge. WIC serves low- Income pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk. Pregnant or postpartum women, infants, and children up to age 5 are eligible. This is an excellent program and resource for a woman who is planning to parent her child.

WIC Overseas, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children: WIC Overseas provides the same benefits as WIC but is designed for those U.S. citizen living overseas.

Women’s Government Health offers financial aid and help related to a birth mother’s care, prenatal care, preparing for a new baby, and then the care of the baby.

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