Biological Fathers and Parenting

How do I find Help for a Biological Father?

The biological father is the man whose sperm impregnated the biological mother (the woman who gave birth to the child). The biological father has rights and responsibilities based on the fact that he biologically fathered the child. One of his rights is the right to parent or help parent the child.

Biological Father, Legal Father, Presumed Father, or Putative Father?

It is important to know that the biological father may be the same person as the presumed father, putative father, or legal father but it is possible for the legal father to be different from the biological father.

If a woman is married, even if she is separated, the man she is married to is the legal father of the child. This is the case even if he is not the man who impregnated her. As a legal father the man has certain rights and responsibilities.

If the man who impregnated the woman is not married to the woman, he is the biological father but is often referred to as the putative or presumed father. This man also has rights and responsibilities.

For information about your rights as the legal, presumed, putative, or biological father you should consult an attorney.

What about Paternity Testing?

A paternity test is the only way to establish with certainty whether a person is the biological father.

At one time a paternity test was based on blood samples taken from the child, mother, and the man thought to be the biological father. Currently, a more reliable way to ascertain parenthood is via DNA analysis and DNA has all but taken over all the other forms of testing. Genetic testing usually has a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Where to find more Help for a Biological Father Parenting a Child?

Any new biological father who raises or helps parent his child is faced with many new challenges including child care issues, new financial demands, new social roles and of course his own personal feelings. Becoming a father presents each man with a unique opportunity. To help you learn more about the changes you will face, how to get help, and practical suggestions on how to improve their fathering, we have provided some web links below:
Fatherhood and depression
DictionaryforDads primary goal is to assist fathers in raising healthy and happy children and nurturing a great relationship with them.

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