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Waiting Family Profile Program

Adoption Services is a fully licensed not-for profit agency licensed in multiple states. We can help a family living in any U.S. state and even non-U.S. citizens living in the U.S. Over the past 40+ my Agency and I have helped more families than I have kept track of, but I do keep count of those adoptions we have personally finalized…over 900.

We will try to help you anyway we can:

You may already have an agency you are working with and/or may be pursuing a private adoption. We can help you either way. If you are looking for an agency and may be interested in registering/applying for our Domestic Adoption Program, I suggest you click HERE.

While our Agency has completed over 900 successful placements, the addition of profiles to our website is new. In the past we have used a fixed waiting list of approved families for a birth parent to choose from, but not profiles. Accordingly, while we have many waiting adopting families, we are slowly adding them to the website pages…so please be patient as your profile is added.

NOTE: You do not have to work with our Domestic Adoption Program to be added to our profile pages. However, you must have a completed Home Study and be approved by our Agency Director, a licensed and Board-Certified Forensic Psychologist, with over 35+ years as an adoption expert.

While many internet profile programs charge for a variety of support services, our Profile Program includes not only the posting of your profile, but all the variety of services that go along with the matching:

Our Waiting Family Profile Program is based on a monthly or annual basis…the monthly or yearly fee is the only fee related to our Profile Program.

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