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We Can Help You Find a Loving Family

If you are a birth mother and/or birth father and are looking for a loving family, we can help you!

There are two main ways we can help.   In both Option One and Option Two, described below, you can be as involved or as uninvolved as you want in the selection process and have as much or as little of our help as you want and/or need.

Please note that unlike some other internet sites posting profiles, we ONLY post those profiles of families that our Agency Director, Dr. Vincent Berger (a Psychologist with over 35+ years of experience working with birth parents and families) has very carefully screened using all the factors discussed below.

While our Agency has completed over 900 successful placements, the addition of profiles to our website is new. In the past we have used a fixed waiting list for a birth parent like you to choose from, but not profiles. Accordingly, while we have many waiting adopting families, we are slowly adding them to the website pages. If you do not see a profile that interest you, we already have many carefully screened and approved families for you to consider…we just have not yet added them to the profile pages.

Now let us go over the two main ways we can help you to select the perfect loving adopting family that will be “just right” for you and your baby.

Option One: Let us do the initial work and pre-screen families for you.

This is the option many of our birth parents select since it narrows down the families to those who best fit what you want in a loving family and it means you do not have to go through all of the profiled families yourself and rely on just the professional pictures and polished profiles.

  • First, we find out from you what YOUR requirements are for the adopting family.  We want to know all the details about the family YOU are looking for?
    • Do you want a traditional husband/wife married couple or is an unmarried couple, a gay or lesbian couple or a single person acceptable?
    • Are the following important: the family’s age, where they live, what they do for a living, their income level, hobbies and interest.
    • What are their child-care plans and their educational expectations and plans for the child? 
    • Do you want a family that has a specific religious background or no religious affiliation?
    • Is it acceptable that the adopting persons have a previous marriage?
    • Is it ok if the adopting family already has one or more biological or adopted children, or do you want your child to be their first or only child?
    • Do you want an open adoption, closed adoption, or some combination of these?
    • Do you have any preferences for communication with the family?  For instance, are ongoing contacts, pictures and updates over the years something that you may want?

The above are examples of what WE check out and what YOU can tell us is important in the type of family you would want to adopt your child.

Option Two:  You can scroll through all our online family profiles yourself.

Birth parents typically use this option when they are not sure of the specific type of family they are looking for or what specific criteria are important to them in the adopting family.

          Or, you can scroll through the family profiles for ideas about what is important to you and then go back to Option One above and have us find the best match.

We are here to help you anyway we can.  Please feel free to email me or call me directly at the toll-free office number 1-800-943-0400 or use my personal cell 1-717-919-1500.

Vincent Berger, Ph.D, ABPP,ABFP

Executive Director and Founder

Email =

Toll free = 1-800-943-0400

Personal cell = 1-717-919-1500

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