Adoption Agencies and Information for Afghanistan

We are a not-for-profit adoption agency that, since 1985, has helped over 900 successful domestic and international placements. We have a five-star rating on Google.  You can always visit our testimonial pages (see the link on the right).

However, we are no longer doing international adoptions due to problems that now can occur. We are continue to do Domestic adoptions and our Registration list is currently open.

Regarding adoptions from this foreign country:

Adoption Agencies occasionally received inquiries from families concerned about the plight of the children of Afghanistan and wondering about the possibility of adopting them. At this time, it is not possible to adopt Afghan children.

There are still ways in which U.S. citizens can help the children of Afghanistan. Many American non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Afghanistan say that what is needed most at this time are financial contributions. Individuals who wish to assist can do the most good by making a financial contribution to an established NGO that will be well placed to respond to Afghanistan's most urgent needs, including those related to the country's children.

For more information about adoption from this country and about adoption agencies that can assist you, please visit the websites below. Prospective adoptive parents are advised to fully research any of the adoption agencies they plan to use for adoption services.

Afghanistan: Additional Adoption Agencies and Contact Information

U.S. Department of State: Afghanistan Adoption Agencies
The U.S. Department of State: Authentications Office
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
U.S. Foreign travel registration

The Joint Council for International Children’s Services (JCICS) is one of the oldest and largest membership associations of licensed non-profit international adoption agencies. All of the above adoption agencies are listed as members of JCICS.

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