Peter and Luis

Peter & Luis

Hello! We're Peter and Luis from Brooklyn, NY. Your strength and love in even considering adoption means everything to our family. Although, this profile is only a snapshot of our family we hope that through it you are able to get a sense of the love we have for each other and our deep desire to grow our family. We have created a warm and inviting home in our community surrounded by friends and family. We have so much love and knowledge to share with a child and look forward to celebrating their every milestone. We hope these words and photos give you a sense of how much our family means to us, and the unconditional love we would be grateful to share with a child. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us.

Basic Info


Age: 40

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

Religion: None

Education: College

Profession: Attorney


Age: 36

Race/Ethnicity: Latino

Religion: None

Education: Juris Doctor

Profession: Attorney

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Country: USA

State: New York

Environment: Urban

Residency: Single Family House

Square Footage: 2050 sq. ft.

Children in Home: No

Relationship: Life Partners

Years Together: 10 years

Sexual Orientation: Same Sex Couple

Post Adoption Contact

Periodic Pictures and Updates:
If the birth mother and/or birth father desires pictures of, and updates on, the child, we will provide them until the child is 18 years old. These will be provided through the adoption agency and/or through email directly to the birth parents.

Preferences for a Child

Age: Newborn to 6-months

Gender: Either

Race/Ethnicity: African American - Asian - Hispanic - Native American -White/Caucasian

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Our Extended Family

We are lucky to be part of tight-knit families who relish telling stories, celebrating holidays and special events, and sharing meals together. Peter’s parents live outside of Philadelphia, a mere 1.5 hours away from our home in Brooklyn. We see Peter’s parents and family as much as possible, including our niece and nephew. We also spend time at the beach house in Ocean City, NJ during the summers together. Luis’s family lives in Long Island, NY and we see them regularly and spend time making meals and sitting out back by a chimenea on brisk Fall evenings with his mother, brother, and brother’s significant other.

Our families are an important source of support for us individually and as a couple. Both of our families are excited to have a child become part of our growing family and will be involved in raising and caring of the child. Our mothers will be involved in actively caring for the child and we welcome their years of experience and lessons they have as loving parents. Our families have been integral in our upbringing, and we plan to replicate a loving and caring home for a child where they will grow up surrounded by a family that loves and cares for them every step of the way.

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From Us to You

To us, being a parent means more than just managing diapers, feedings, and naps. It means being a part of someone's life through the good and the bad, and from infant to adult and beyond. It means being there to teach, guide, discipline, wonder, learn, and grow with them. It’s being there through cuts and scrapes, colds and heartbreaks, first days of school, and graduations. Being there to watch a child grow into an independent and well-adjusted adult who is fully capable of taking care of themselves with their own family, career, friends, hopes and dreams, and future.

We are looking forward to both the big milestones and the little successes. We are looking forward to the Thursday night leftovers, weekend adventures to the park and farmer’s market, birthday parties, holidays, and vacation trips. We are both optimistic that we will be able to show our child various parts of the world and different types of cultures that we were exposed to during our youth. It is integral for our child to have a world perspective in order to understand their immediate environment and perspective on life. Peter is looking forward to teaching a child about building raised garden beds and planting tomato plants from seeds, and how to grill a salmon on a BBQ with a side of farro and tomato salad. Luis is looking forward to teaching them how to speak Spanish, dance like nobody is watching, and appreciation for the arts. Most of all, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and observations about the world and nurturing our child's unique personality so they can blossom into their own person.

Our favorite part about where we plan to raise our child is just how friendly and welcoming Brooklyn is—a feeling that has only gotten stronger as we’ve settled in and gotten to know our neighbors. The diversity in our community is what makes it so inviting to us since it reflects the diversity of our own family, friends, and experience. Living in a vibrant city allows us to engage with so many different cultures in personal ways. We also enjoy the ability to go to upstate New York or to Peter’s parents’ beach home in Ocean City, NJ for a quick weekend trip. To us, diversity is something we seek out in order to enrich our lives. No matter what racial and ethnic background our child comes from, we know that we are prepared to teach them to value diversity and acceptance in the same ways we do.

Peter & Luis

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