Two of the greatest aspects that I think we will always remember are your honesty and straight forwardness.


We have had a wonderful experience with you! Everyone was so thoughtful and caring it made the adoption process a very positive experience and one we will always remember.


We will never forget the great advice, the thoughtful words and the up to the minute updates. Two of the greatest aspects that I think we will always remember are your honesty and straight forwardness. You always let us know what was happening, whether it was good or bad. We felt that this was so important because we always knew exactly what to expect.


We now have our beautiful daughter and she truly is a dream come true. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make this dream possible.


You are warm, caring and exceptional people, and you will always be remembered.

Proud Parents,

We tried infertility treatments for close to five years.


We tried infertility treatments for close to five years . We had always been open to adoption but wanted to try for a biological child for as long as we felt comfortable. It was exciting to put our name on the adoption list because no matter how long it would take we were finally on our way to expanding our family.


We got the call earlier than expected and there was a full range of emotions. Excitement, anxiety, joy, a little fear of the unknown, but all went ahead rather quickly and before we knew it we were holding our little girl in our arms. Now we can't possibly imagine life without her. Now we understand God's plan for us. We thank God every day for this wonderful, precious gift He has given us.

Rhonda and Mike,

They made the adoption process proceed so easily.


June 3, the day our dream finally came true. We were parents. The excitement that we felt at that moment was immeasurable. That night, we could not sleep. We were to pick up our beautiful baby girl the next day. What would she look like? Is she being taken care of at the hospital? We can't wait to hold her!! Then our thoughts turned to the birth parents. Are they OK? How are they handling this difficult decision? We never got to meet our daughter's birth parents, but hope that someday we will. We are so very thankful to them, words cannot explain. We think of them as very caring, thoughtful, unselfish parents.


Adoption Services staff were all so supportive and caring. They made the adoption process proceed so easily. We were always calling with questions, and they never seemed to mind. Pam, our social worker, eased our worries and concerns at the hospital. Elaine eased our minds at the adoption finalization hearing, and many other time. Dr. Berger made the home study process painless. He was always very honest and supportive.


We just celebrated our daughter's first birthday. She has added (and changed) our lives in so many ways over the past year. She is a beautiful, friendly, independent and very smart girl. Nothing is more special than when she reaches out to us for a hug and kiss and says, "Mommy" or "Daddy." She is the joy of our life and center of our universe. We thank God every day for her (and her birth mother and birth father).


We are currently in the process of adopting another child from Adoption Services, since our first experience was such a positive one. We hope we are just as fortunate with our next very special gift - be it a son or daughter.



Tim & Pam B,

We had heard such horror stories involving adoption in the media: birth parents wanting their children back.We also heard it took years before a child would be available.and my husband and I are 40 years old.


I was advised not to become pregnant due to some medical complication. So when the time came to give serious thought as to have children, we saw two options available to us; no children or adoption.


We knew that we would have no problem whatsoever of bringing a child into our home and loving him/her as our very own, it was the adoption process that worried us, especially my husband, Terry. We had heard such horror stories involving adoption in the media: birth parents wanting their children back several years after the adoption was finalized and granted their request. It was just so heartbreaking to think of those children who felt loved and secure beaching taken out of their home and given to perfect "strangers." We also heard it took years before a child would be available. My husband and I are 40 years old and 35 years old, respectively. We would be old enough to be grandparents when a child would be available, let alone the age restrictions of adoptive parents. Then there was all the paperwork and red tape to go through. By this time, we felt pretty much defeated, but in our heart of hearts we knew we still wanted a child.


Needless to say, we teetered back and forth for quite a while deciding what we wanted to do. In the interim, we were visiting with friends and they suggested Adoption Services to us. They had adopted a little boy through the agency and had such high praise for the agency. This was truly the first time we had heard such as success story. It was must to our ears, but Terry was still somewhat apprehensive.


The following day I contacted Adoption Services. We decided to go for it.


Time went on and it was now February; seven months after we had begun our process. Adoption Services contacted me at work and told me that they had a birth mother who was expecting in the middle of March; would we be interested? After hearing the profile on the mother and baby, I just knew this baby was meant to be ours. After consulting with Terry, five minutes later I was back on the telephone with the agency and told them -YES!- we were very interested in this baby. The birth mother had some premature labor so to be on the safe side, Adoption Services wanted to move quickly.


Our baby was born a month early! We know this is not typical but we had a baby in seven months. It was and still is unbelievable.


It was quite a week for us, but Adoption Services made sure that everything went smoothly.


It is August, six months since our baby was born and now we are awaiting the finalization hearing scheduled in several weeks. We are not worried about the upcoming hearing because we trust Adoption Services has taken every possible step necessary to make sure everything is complete and will run smoothly.


In closing, we would like to say we have had a wonderful experience with Adoption Services and will most certainly use them again if and when we decide to adopt and other child.




New Mom and Terry,