adoption attorneys

Adoption Attorneys

Adoption is a legal process and every case involves an understanding of state law, often interstate law and international law since the residences of the birth mother, birth father, child, and adopting persons are all involved.

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If you are involved in an agency adoption you may not need to worry about retaining an adoption attorney because the agency and/or the agency's attorney will help make sure that all legal issues are taken care of in a way that is consistent with the law.

Do I Need an Adoption Attorney?

If you are proceeding with a private adoption, an adoption of a family member (a relative adoption), or the most common type of adoption which is a step-parent adoption, then you will need to retain your own attorney.  Since most attorneys specialize in one or more areas, you are advised to retain an attorney that specializes in family law or in adoption. In fact, there is an organization, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) consisting of the attorneys who specialize in adoption. We suggest you check for an AAAA attorney in your area at the website Adoption Attorneys.

Child Adoption Laws

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