Financial Help with the Adoption of Special Needs Children

Adoption of a special needs child can take place through a private child adoption agency or through a states' foster care program. Children with special needs may qualify for child adoption assistance to help cover the expenses related to their need for ongoing therapy or treatment.

It is critical to know that for both federally funded and state-funded subsidies you must apply and receive approval before the adoption is finalized, so research this option early in the adoption process.

Financial Help with Special Needs Children

Financial Help with the adoption of Special Needs Children is available from the federal government and from state authorities.

For more information about these subsidies please click on the above link. You can also contact the Social Security Administration and your state Department of Health and Department of Education about special early intervention and education programs. Additional information is available on the link Federal Adoption Tax Credit for Special Needs Adoption.

Additional Information

Click the following link for more information on more Financial and Medical Assistance Programs for Adopting Families.

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